Outo visual’s products are interesting hand made design. I design and make wooden furniture and items for home and office spaces and props for events. I use diversely different wooden materials, painted sections and I continuously try out new material combinations. Well designed products last and can bring delight for a long time. I make all kinds of custom furniture and wooden items including tables, chairs, jewellery boxes, bookshelves, lamps and crates. There are handmade details, such as custom latches and mechanism in many of my works and I use reclaimed parts when I can. I combine visual elements to some of my works with various techniques.

I do different kinds of visual arts; paintings, murals, pyrography and sculptures from wood, clay and metal. If you are interested in getting unique design furniture or art projects, please contact me.


I’m a wood artisan based in Helsinki. I have a degree in Product Design and Manufacturing and I made my master’s thesis for Finnish Painters Union about Art collaboration in urban development. In addition I have a minor of art theory in my master’s degree. I got versatile experience in building props and using different kinds of materials in my internship at Helsinki City Theatre.

If you have ideas for projects, any questions or inquiries, please contact me via e-mail.