I founded Outo visual for my art and design in 2017. I’m a visual artist, designer and wood artisan based in Helsinki. I design wooden furniture and create art in various forms. I take influences from urban landscapes, abandoned places, nature and the changing relationships between them.

The passion for wood shows in my products. I design furniture and decorative items for homes, offices, public spaces and events. I design my products function in mind first with finished details. You can see my portfolio and my works in the gallery section.

If you are interested in collaboration work or purchasing custom art or furniture, please contact me via e-mail or visit my online store.

  • Wood artisan, a degree in arts and crafts.
  • Master’s thesis for Finnish Painters Union about art collaboration in urban development, case Arabianranta and Kalasatama.
  • I studied Art theory in University of Art and Design Helsinki in my master’s degree.
  • Versatile experience in building props for theatre at Helsinki City Theatre.