Mimas tiliae

Vr Class Hr1 Engine

Gate stools


Divan benches and tables

Pelican & Cherry blossom tree

Free Flight

Outo visual Art & Furniture exhibition 29.11.2019

Porvoo Art Factory


Flying Tetris Bookshelf

Ed-E Table

Alppipuisto gazebo

Sea or sand

Evil curse of the vampires

Owl sculpture

Silent conversation

Light Up

White whale

Design year 2018

Live edge waterfall table

Oak swing

Above the Amusement Park

Basso radio competition video

Warped space-time

Serviette rings

Time to fly/Time flies

Memory from Future – Tapiola


Flower stands

Blue Alpaca

Gaze rocking chair

Technology tree

Walnut serving plates

Porvoo Art Factory – Tieke ry


YtyƤ 2017 @ Korjaamo

Self portrait

Back of a Woman 2016

Abstract Stairs (of eternity)

Grey Hot Air Balloons of Tesnov 2017

Alppila Owl 2017

Centerboard of a terrace table


Berlin Owl 2017

Prague Lights 2017

Dark night, calm waters

Ticket to Ride box

Paintbrush box

Field Box

Level coat rack

Umbrella 2017

Paint Layer Pendant

Shadow brunch

Chain Box

Garden Table

Luksia mural 2016

Uno & Yatzy box

Little container

Analog Games article

Ompu Gallery shared exhibition